Father’s Day in Germany [year]

History of Father’s Day in Germany

Father’s Day (Vatertag in Germany) was introduced as a special day to honour fathers. It does not always have the same date, as its date is movable, but it always falls 40 days after Easter.

The tradition of Father’s Day originated in the United States. There, Father’s Day was established by Sonora Smart Dodd. Her father fought in the American Civil War, so in 1910 she called for a movement to honour fathers. Then, through the US, the holiday also made its way to Germany.

When is Father’s Day in Germany?

The date of Father’s Day in Germany changes every year, but it is always celebrated on Ascension Day. Below is a list of dates for this holiday in the coming years.

YearDay of the weekDate
2022Thursday26 May 2022
2023Thursday18 May 2023
2024Thursday9 May 2024
2025Thursday29 May 2025
2026Thursday14 May 2026
2027Thursday6 May 2027

How do Germans celebrate Father’s Day?

In some regions of Germany, a so-called “gentlemen’s party” is held on Father’s Day. As the name suggests, only men of all ages can take part in this traditional event. It can be a walk, a horse-drawn carriage ride or a trip to the beach. During or at the end of the day, participants often stop at restaurants.

On Father’s Day, some families go on family outings or take an extended weekend holiday together. The Friday after Father’s Day is a so-called “bridge day”, which means that it is a school holiday for children as well. Many fathers or parents go out with their children to the zoo or on a picnic, for example.

Some men arrange to take a special bike to a “gentlemen’s party”: a spacious bike that offers up to sixteen seats and allows cyclists, thanks to a barrel inside, to drink beer while riding.

Father’s Day greetings in German

Here are some words you can say to your dad on Vatertag – in German:

Alles Liebe zum Vatertag! – Much love on Father’s Day!

Alles Gute zum Vatertag! – Happy Father’s Day!

Schönen Vatertag! – Have a nice Father’s Day!

Viel Spaß am Vatertag! – Have fun on Father’s Day!

Papa ist der Beste! – Dad is the best!

Ich liebe meinen Papa! – I love my dad!

Glücklicher Vatertag! – Happy Father’s Day!

FAQ: Father’s Day Germany

What is Father’s Day called in German?

Father’s Day in German is Vatertag, where “vater” means father and “tag”, day.

Is Father’s Day in Germany a public holiday?

Yes, Father’s Day in Germany is a day off because its date coincides with a public holiday. This holiday is called Ascension Day. This holiday in the Catholic Church always falls forty days after Easter, so between 30 April and 3 June. Since the 1930s, Ascension Day has been a public holiday in Germany.

When is Father’s Day in Germany?

In Germany, Father’s Day (“Vatertag”) is celebrated on Ascension Day, which is a public holiday in Germany. Ascension Day falls 40 days after Easter and commemorates Jesus’ ascension into heaven 39 days after his resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is always celebrated on a Thursday.

How is Father’s Day celebrated in Germany?

Father’s Day in Germany is much more than giving your father a tie. This holiday is a day off for everyone and an opportunity for men to behave like boys. Known as Vatertag (also Männertag), it involves drinking a lot of beer, cycling and trips with friends.

How do you say “Happy Father’s Day” in German?

The “Happy Father’s Day” in German is “Glücklicher Vatertag!”

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